About JP



JP Dyal was born and raised in the Florida’s Keys and Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Growing up, he spent more time on the ocean than on land. He ran fishing charters and worked at a bait shop. He began running cross country at age 9. After high school, he ran track and cross country for Auburn University Tigers. JP earned a BSBA degree in finance, and has several other degrees.

JP moved to Texas in 2000, where he climbed the corporate latter and became a successful senior executive in the mortgage and finance industry. After the market collapse in 2007, he left the corporate world. JP lost everything; his wife, his house and his job. Having lost everything JP was fighting depression. This is when his life would change forever. A good friend got him out riding and the therapeutic nature of the horse began to heal JP. He adopted a wild mustang named Ego that he says saved his life. Ego became his reason why. Not knowing much of anything about training JP learned how to train her mostly by intuition. Training Ego taught JP much about horses, but ultimately showed him even more about himself and the new life path he wanted to pursue. He packed his truck and his dog Gus and started a new chapter in life, that would become his passion.

As JP’s love for training horses grew, he went on to work and train for some of the top trainers in the country, learning many different styles of horse training and horsemanship. He realized that he has a special gift that allows him to get into the mind of the horse. JP specializes in working with the nervous system of the horse. His training methods that he teaches to both the owners and the horses build the tools for the horse as well as the person to regulate their nervous system. In the method of horsemanship JP developed, he teaches the lightest and softest techniques with encouragement, which first starts with Connection, and then builds to Relationship. Once the relationship is established JP teaches building Mutual Trust and Mutual Respect which grows into Leadership. JP is known for bringing people and their horses together by teaching people how to get out of their own way. JP says its about, “how to get out of their head and into their body, thus becoming present with their horse in order to build Connection, Relationship, Mutual Trust and Mutual Respect. This leads to their horse looking to them for Leadership. It is our job to be the leader for the horse when they are out of the heard.“  

JP often has horses brought to him by owners who were told “This horse will never be rideable”, “You should just sell this horse and give up”, or “I was told this horse should be put down, that he is too dangerous and can’t be trained.” JP’s gift with horses and people have helped save numerous horse and people relationships giving hope for a successful future that transcends into his client’s personal life. 

JP trains in Rancho Murieta, CA and holds monthly Clinics at his beautiful facility. In addition, JP travels throughout the Country conducting clinics and workshops.

JP retired from being the Ranch Manager in 2023 and instructor for the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department Wild Horse Program at R3C (Rio Consumes Correctional Center). Under his instruction he taught JP Dyal Horsemanship© to a crew of offenders, most of whom have never ridden or touched a horse before. The offenders then use JP’s horsemanship methods to train the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) wild mustangs so they could be adopted out to the public and law enforcement agencies across the country. JP is devoted is still devoted to his group of offenders and you can often find graduates from the program out riding with him. 

JP has competed in multiple Extreme Mustang Makeovers and was also invited to compete in the prestigious Mustang Magic. In October of 2019, JP competed in the American Mustang Training Challenge at the Norco Horse Affair with his mustang, Cody. JP and Cody were the “Double Down” Champions. This award was given to JP and Cody for the most points earned overall at the AMTC and the most points earned at the ACMA competition in June 2019. JP holds several titles in cowboy mounted shooting including the Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association (CMSA) Arizona State Championship and the Mounted Shooting Association (MSA) World Championship Rookie Division, in 2014. In 2020, JP won the (CMSA) California State and Regional Champion Men’s 2 Division.

No matter the breed of horse, discipline, experience or circumstance, JP is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of horses and their owners.


JP can be reached at (209) 429-6404 or jpdyalhorsemanship@gmail.com.